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We Are For The Wild Places

We've packed up the Merch store to head out on the road... so the online store will be out of action for a little while - back mid April. 
There’s been so much good feedback on my first single Inside Out, and I want to thank you all for your support and your encouraging words. They don’t go unnoticed and I appreciate them so much :) I’m hugely looking forward to sharing the rest of the album with you guys! I know a lot of you live in countries that my first album isn’t released in yet, so I’ve pulled some strings and the whole of the online merch store is now shipping internationally. I am also now selling the physical CD for Our New Life Above The Ground too. 
There are a number of one off items in the store; the lyric sheets are hand written and signed by me and there is ONLY ONE of each song from the album. Once a song is gone, it’s gone forever, I won’t be making anymore. The other one off items are the animal prints. We’ve made some hand painted and screen printed art prints featuring the animals from the album artwork. There are 10 prints for each animal. Each print is numbered and signed by me.
Thank you all again, and enjoy your visit to the new AvCity merch store!